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A few notes

  • Scatterplot updated again this morning. That's my 10th on-time update in a row, kicking off week 4 of buffered comics. I feel pretty good. Buffer stands at 2 at the moment, but will hit 3 by the end of the evening.

  • Anyone going to Genericon? It'll be a good time. Those of you in the New England area with a weekend to burn and an interest in webcomics and gaming and anime, I'm looking at you.

  • Alienware tech support update: After getting them to finally send us a new CPU on Friday, yesterday we noticed that there was an unaccounted-for $600 charge on our bank account. Upon making some phone calls today, we found that the charge was made by Alienware - freezing the money as insurance against our not returning the defective CPU. A charge, incidentally, that we did not authorize (though we did authorize them keeping our credit card number for such a purpose). We haven't even gotten the CPU yet. Also, since we've got a debit account as opposed to a credit account, that wasn't just a credit card charge - it was actual money being taken out of our account. We needed that for rent. Shelly's on the phone with them right now, bitching them out for the third or fourth time in the past four days. Edit: They just hung up on her. Fuckwits.

  • Today I found out that the person I'm working with for my networking projects is also the person who's grading the other half of the papers for EECS 376. Small world? I'd thought the CS department was pretty large, anyway.

  • That is all.
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