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Today was a pretty cool day. We spent the first half of the day at my family's, and the second half at Shelly's.

Gifts given:
-To my grandmother: a homemade wire-sculpture candleholder. The sculpture is of a heart with wings.
-To my father: John Coltrane's "My Favorite Things" and Charlie Parker's "The Charlie Parker Story" CDs.
-To my sister Alice: The soundtrack to Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.
-To my sister Madeleine: Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix 2 for Xbox.
-To my brother Luke: Link to the Past/Four Swords for GBA.
-To Shelly: HP:PoA DVD, pink Michigan hooded sweatshirt, pink sapphire earrings and necklace.

Gifts received:
-Books: Quicksilver by Neal Stephenson, Just a Geek and Barefoot Dancing by Wil Wheaton, Death: The Time of Your Life and Death: The High Cost of Living by Neil Gaiman
-CDs: "Soft Bulletin" and "Transmissions from the Satellite Heart" by the Flaming Lips, "So Far" by Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young
-Video games: Halo 2 for Xbox and Katamari Damacy for PS2
-Clothes: Grey turtleneck, burgundy mock turtleneck, dark grey sweater, grey zip-up turtleneck sweater, Ann Arbor tshirt
-Other: two pads of large, smooth drawing paper, black earmuffs, Draco/Buckbeak Legos, deck of cards, $100, (edit:) awesome piratey tricorn hat, usual quantity of chocolate/candy.

It was a good day - not only for getting (and giving, I hope) some really nifty stuff, but also just for relaxing and spending time with the family. Got home, put together the bookshelves that Shelly got from her brother (we really needed them), and we're just unwinding now...

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