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Last word from Seattle

Yesterday I met up with a friend of mine from Michigan who'd just moved to Seattle (after about a year of traveling the world). It was lucky that she arrived just before I left, and that I got a chance to see her before I had to leave. We talked for a while, and then I went home and packed.

I stayed up late, watching the Olympics as I packed my bags. Found out at about 3 AM that I had insufficient baggage to fit all my stuff - I've accumulated a bit of stuff while I was here. So this morning I set out to Pike Place Market early to get another bag to take. Unfortunately the shop was closed, so I went back home to grab some stuff, and went to PacMed to catch a bus out to the place where the company picnic was.


I arrived to see the intern team (not my own team, this time) finish off their opponents in sudden death, and advance to the next round, where my team played them. We managed to pull out a win, and moved on to the semifinals, where we played the other team (the interns were the first) that we'd previously played in scrimmages. We beat them as well, and made it to the finals! In the final game, we played (I think) last year's champions, which happened to contain the tournament's organizer, and a fair amount of upper management-type people. And we happened to lose by two goals, both of which were scored on illegal plays that the refs somehow missed. So it goes. I'm pretty happy with the way we played.

After the tournament, I had some food - stupid long lines at the burger grill, and the griller did everything he possibly could before getting me my burger - setting up new patties, etc...

After lunch, I went to play some soccer with people - just a little 4-on-4 game, with goals about five feet wide, and no goalies. Fun stuff.

Then the rain started.

I got fairly soaked, and hung out under tents for a while. Caught a bus home, eventutally. Picked up the bag at the market (yay, cheap-yet-good stuff!) and went home to finish packing. Found that everything fit now, and after doing a sweep of my apartment, I came out here to the cybercafe for a last LJ post and to talk to Shelly (and various friends) once more. So here I am, and there I go. 24 hours from now, I'll be at home.....

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