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Decent day

Well, I got a fair amount accomplished today, and I'm pretty happy with it. Apart from the usual weekend chores, I raised Scatterplot's buffer to an all-time-high level of 2, which means we'll have fresh Scatterplot at least through Wednesday, and I also embarked on a more ambitious project: Zebra Girl fanart.

I have the easy part done: the outline. I also have the stripe pattern pencilled. I need to ink the stripes, though. Oy. I really feel sorry for my pens - I'm actually considering scanning the pencils for the stripes and just doing them directly on the computer... but then the paper version wouldn't look so cool. Ah, well. I have better control with a physical pen anyway.

Tomorrow, I finally get around to meeting up with a friend from Michigan, and maybe draw another comic and/or finish this fanart.

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