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Fun with logs...

So I was looking at the Scatterplot site statistics the other day... and noticed a spike in the statistics. In brief, day and number of visits:

July 11: 130
July 12: 295
July 13: 1075
July 14: 306
July 15: 182

My initial reaction was "What the fuck is this?" A few days later, I hit on the idea of checking my referrer logs. For some reason, I'd gotten 375 hits from the Something Positive community. So I took a look at the community, and found this entry (also listed as a referrer later on):


The entire discussion is rather amusing, and consists mostly of one person overreacting to the idea of bombing Comcast.

Anyway, I got curious, and looked through the referrer logs for anything else unusual.... and found it. A similar pair of referrers, from journalfen's otf_wank community:


The point of this post was making fun of the fact that somebody who's enough of a fan of Something Positive to be reading the community, but yet had an objection to a joke about blowing stuff up. In both posts, there were the usual objections from people who'd worked customer service... and overall, a general sense that some people just don't understand the difference between a throwaway joke and a serious suggestion, or even an opinion. Oh well.

There were also people whose main objection was that the comic just wasn't very funny. I can accept that. At least they could tell it was a joke.

Anyway, I'm fairly amused by the whole thing. I'm also amused that, ultimately, nobody stayed around to become a regular reader. (Or at least not enough people to make a statistically noticeable difference.)

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