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Today I received a very exciting package in the mail. I didn't realize what it was until I opened it... but I am now the proud owner of all four Scary-Go-Round books. They're really nice books. A tad smaller than I expected - particularly Blame the Sky - but then, considering the quality and number of the full-color pages, I'm sure it was necessary to keep them affordable. Gorgeous.

In other news, Shelly and I have procured Four Swords Adventures. Now we just need GBAs. But Tingle is a fucking bastard. AFAIK, he's never actually tried to interfere with you completing the game before...

We went to the Seattle Aquarium today. Seals are really nice to watch - they're very graceful. Nature's torpedos or something.

Unfortunately, Shelly leaves tomorrow, and we have to pack tonight....
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