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Friday Friday Friday!

Now that I'm working, I can fully appreciate the glory that is the end of the work week. FRIDAYYYYYY!!!!

*cough* Anyway. Today went well. Presented the basic idea behind RSS to my team. My manager told me I did a good job, and that made me feel good. We had a good discussion about what we want this system of ours to be, and they told me that they weren't going to tell me about the ideas they had before I arrived because they want to see what I come up with on my own. Soo..... I'm being tested. Heh.

I worked out a basic design already, and I'm pretty happy with it. I'll tinker with it over the next few days, and by early next week I should have something that they can completely tear apart at the next meeting.

I went to a tech talk at Amazon - Andrei Alexandrescu explained a design method using templates for extensible groups of objects - it's called "policy-based design." Basically, the example he demonstrated was a string class, which was a template that took a "string core" as an argument. The idea was, to modify the string class (basically depending on what you wanted to optimize), you just replace the core with something else, or replace other parts (in the more general sense). Basically, the code is supposed to be broken down into interchangeable parts, and the template pattern works very well for this.

Then I came back and worked on the design for a while. This job is a lot of fun.

Now... dinner time, I suppose...

*edit* I forgot it! 28 days... four weeks... two fortnights... one lunar month... see, Shelly? There's only one unit of time left!

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