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Day Two. [Jun. 2nd, 2004|07:04 pm]
Darth Paradox
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Today started with me retrieving my password for the Unix system and doing some account customization - getting myself on the right email lists and such. I'll modify my picture later...
I soon found out that my Unix password worked just fine, but I still couldn't log on to Windows - in particular, Outlook/Exchange to get my email. I went back to Helpdesk, to have it determined that my Windows account didn't actually exist. They fixed that, and soon I was up and running. I could get on the laptop, and get my email...

I then did some reading. Reading some code from the foundation library Amazon uses - it's basically the company's own standard library, and underlies pretty much everything else written in C++ here. Also read up on Amazon's version-control system... and decided I needed to set it up before I went any farther. Which required Linux on my computer. I thought it would be simple - just do a network install. Fine. First thing I needed was the IP information. Had to submit a trouble ticket to Helpdesk for that information, which would take two or three hours to come back. So I went out to lunch.

Hemant (my mentor) and a few of his friends (whose names I can't remember much of) and I all went out to lunch at a place called Shanghai. I love working next to Chinatown. Their General Tso's Chicken was quite good.

I came back and did some more reading before my IP info showed up. I started the installation, and it seemed to go fine, but the part that loads the Amazon-specific software off another server wasn't working at all. I asked my mentor, wrote emails to the linux-dev group, and submitted a trouble ticket... My mentor was stymied. The group's only useful suggestion so far is "It's a server-side problem - just keep trying." Each try takes around 15-20 minutes of non-active time and 5-10 of active time... so bleh. Results of the trouble ticket will probably come in early tomorrow, as my manager told me to put the problem's impact as disruptive to team productivity.

So after trying the install three or four more times, I decided to call it a day. So here I am right now, talking to my wonderful girlfriend...

It was a beautiful day today, by all accounts. Except Linux.

30 days.