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First entry from Amazon!

I went to orientation today. Then the team manager I'm working with met me at the end, as I was waiting to get my badge. He's a pretty cool guy. He took me out to lunch and we chattet about... well, stuff in general, but specifically getting me acquainted with the general goals of the team. We threw some ideas around about what I'd be doing this summer - for the immediate future, I'm just getting set up (passwords and machines and such) and reading documentation to further acquaint myself with the details of the system. I'm enjoying it here, though, even though I haven't really done anything useful yet. Apparently I won't have my passwords until tomorrow - they're supposed to be created tonight or some such. I did pick up a laptop today, though. In any case, I'm very excited about this all.

The office building is fairly new-looking. It's kind of complicated to get around - basically a maze of offices and cubicles - but I'm figuring it out pretty well. They gave me a corner cubicle! Even though there's a hall between me and the windows, I still get a decent view - though there is another office building blocking my view of the skyline. Oh well.

More later!

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