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Did some walking today.

A lot of walking.

I walked from my apartment on the north side of Seattle, clear across all of downtown to the stadium area, and I tried to walk over to the building where my orientation is on Tuesday, but I couldn't get there. The roads turn strange when I-5 is winding through the area, and I found myself at the bottom of a hill with (what I thought was) the building at the top and no way to get up. So I turned around.

By the time the day is over, I'll probably have walked 4 miles or so. Not bad.

Anyway, I did find my office building, at Union Station. It's a pretty nice place. I'm pretty sure I know how to take the bus there, now... the office is basically across the street from the stadiums. I'll probably go out and catch a Mariners game a few times, probably with other guys from my office... I hope.

(I know a lot of this doesn't mean anything to those of you who don't know Seattle. Eh.)

Computer is scheduled to arrive next Monday, but I'm hoping it'll make it here sooner. I like this cafe place, but I don't want to have to walk 12 blocks every time I want to use a computer. Also, it'll mean I can start Scatterplot up again.

(Secret message to Stefan: more scripts soon means better updating when it starts again. As possible with classes etc.)

In any case, tomorrow is my last day for exploring, and then I start work Tuesday. Or at least do orientation.

One thing I forgot to mention about my trip to the market yesterday - I found a nifty music shop that sells all sorts of instruments - bagpipes included! Yay! I'll be buying some from there eventually, I suspect. (Damn, I forgot to bring my chanter to Seattle... oh well.)

33 days until Shelly visits - 84 days until my return flight.

(And that request for guest art/strips is still open, should any of you feel inspired...)

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