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Stupid fucksticks.

So it seems that, from the Republicans' point of view, the Democrats' platform and ideals either comprise terrorism (pro-choice is pro-terror! and pro-teachers-union is pro-terror!) or get co-opted into the Republican platform (since when are Republicans environmentally conscious and supportive of technology?)

So teachers are terrorists, abortion activists (and anyone that agrees with them) are terrorists... and apparently gay people don't deserve medical treatment. What the holy living fuck??

Every day I think I couldn't be more disgusted with this administration. Every day I'm proven wrong. Didn't "if you you're supporting the terrorists" used to be satire? At least inasmuch as regarded things that had nothing to do with terror - like education and reproductive rights?

Personally, I'd say the Bush administration is more aligned with the terrorists on the abortion issue - last I checked, one of the characteristics of the radical fundamentalist part of Islam was a lack of women's rights...

(thanks to hokie and miang for the links, and miang for the subject line... hee hee. fuckstick.)

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