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Life and Death [Nov. 19th, 2001|01:06 am]
Darth Paradox
A couple days ago, a good friend of my girlfriend's best friend Fan (yes, I know that's distant, but Fan's a friend of mine, too) died in a car crash. His friend was driving, and he was in the passenger side when it was hit by a drunk driver. The next day, he died. The drunk driver died instantly, and was most likely (by my accounting) sent directly to hell.
Something occurred to me, though, hearing about this. Though I would by no means describe myself as suicidal or anything of the sort, I think I need to make my changes in my life so as to be more ready for my own death. Were I to die right now, there would be an awful lot to clean up - as happy as I am, my life lies in piles on the floor of my room, and there is far too much that remains (so far) unsaid by me.
I don't know why this has occurred to me, but it's been something I've been thinking about.