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Eulogy for a lifelong friend

My cat is dying. She had a stroke (or something) Friday night or Saturday morning, and her back legs are paralyzed. She's not eating, but she doesn't seem to be suffering much. However, rather than let her waste away like that, my family's going to have her put to sleep tomorrow.

Ashley was 14 years old - I've known her almost as long as I've known myself. She was shy for most of her life, but in the last few years became considerably more sociable. She always knew she could find someone at the computer chair, and I spent many hours there feeling her rub her head and back against my shins, reaching down occasionally to scratch her behind the ears.

Her brother Patrick, of the same litter, seemed to be the dominant male cat in the house, but Ashley was the one always willing to face off against the dog. After an initial fit of meowing, she spent her final days quietly under my desk at home - her favorite room, as the floor was always warm, and there were never many people there.

We'll miss you dearly, Ashley.
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