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I've really started craving that 50-icons deal. I just had to swap… - Chronicles of a Hereditary Geek [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Darth Paradox

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[Nov. 18th, 2003|04:56 pm]
Darth Paradox
[mood |tired, busy, yet happy anyway]
[music |Seal - Kiss from a Rose]

I've really started craving that 50-icons deal. I just had to swap some of mine out again, and I never like doing that...

From: tcdohl
2003-11-18 02:30 pm (UTC)


You've got fifteen icon slots, not ten. They've increased the total for all paid users after the option to buy more was introduced.

This server service they're using must be awesome.
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[User Picture]From: darthparadox
2003-11-18 05:28 pm (UTC)

Re: Dude

Hmm. Point. Didn't know that until just now. Will adjust...
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[User Picture]From: harlenna
2003-11-18 04:13 pm (UTC)

choice of music....

Yeah, that's a good song too. And the mood is basically where I'm at as well. But I think that's just cus' I'm not sick anymore, and that makes me really happy, despite the crazy busyness.
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[User Picture]From: annaonthemoon
2003-11-18 04:59 pm (UTC)
will you make me some icons? please babe? :D
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From: dacut
2003-11-18 06:54 pm (UTC)

You've put up an icon of one of my greatest weaknesses! "Look what you've done! I'm melting! MELTING!"

Err... anyway... Megan Follows as Anne Shirley... [dacut gets wobbly-kneed...]
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[User Picture]From: annaonthemoon
2003-11-18 09:40 pm (UTC)

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