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Avalon hockey jerseys! Woooo!

If you haven't heard, or even if you have...

Josh Phillips is offering Avalon hockey jerseys through his website. They can be preordered between now and October 19th. However, he needs 15 preorders to be able to pull this off without a loss, and he has 9 right now. So I figured a little bit of extra pimpage wouldn't hurt.

I know they're kinda expensive, but they're apparently high-quality enough to actually play hockey in them. And personalizable at no extra cost.

And just in case you think this is completely out of altruism... if there aren't 15 preorders by Oct 19, the jerseys might not happen, and that would suck for all of us.

And on a separate note, I know Scatterplot is horribly late. Working on it.
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