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Another wonderful evening.

Got to euchre a bit early tonight. Started chatting with Ashley for a little while, before we broke into our tables to play. She seemed happy to see me.

Exchanged smiles across the crowded room.

I got done with my games earlier than her, so I hung out at her table and waited and watched. Walked across the Diag and bussed up to Bursley with her... at some point we started discussing how friends tended to remind us of our embarrassing moments, and eventually just swapping embarrassing stories. It really got us closer, I think.

She invited me into her room, introduced me as "my friend Chris" to her roommate, and we talked for a while. It would have been longer, but I had to take my leave and get to work on my comic and math homework.

She's not just a hockey fan and a euchre player, but also watches anime and is a fan of the old TMNT cartoon. She had Simpsons and Lord of the Rings posters on her wall. She seems very comfortable with me, as I am with her. She looks awesome in a sweater.

I really think this is going well. There are certain words I daren't use yet, but I really do like her. Sigh.

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