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A day to remember, indeed.

This was the best day I've had in a long time.

Woke up at around 11. Strolled around downtown - got a gyro from Ahmo's (it's worth noting that gyro meat is one of the few meats I can eat with no further condimentation), ate it at Commie (though the place was barren - Forum Day, I was later told), and then went down to the Art Warehouse. They also do not carry my preferred brand of pen - where the fuck is it?? - but the guy there (who was exceedingly friendly) recommended I get it on order at Michigan Book and Supply.
From there, I attempted to catch the Link (new intra-downtown bus route, yay!) back up to the Diag, but ended up walking. Got yelled to from a moving car by Emma, for the second time in two weeks, once again due to recognition of the top hat. Checked my email and walked out onto the Diag... walked through a crowd of frat tables recruiting for Rush, and then noticed some people starting to set up a game of croquet.

Well, I just had to investigate. And so I found myself playing with several interesting people: Two Andrews, both dressed in suit jackets with ties, plaid shorts, and Converses that matched their mallet colors. Sarahgee (as it was pronounced, as she was called - I guess she's Sarah G.), who was a very vindictive player - sending people out several times - and was one of three people (myself included) to whack oneself in the foot while trying same. Rachel, who staged a come-from-fourth-place-to-win-in-one-turn victory, was dressed in a pink, kneehigh skirt that looked homemade, with a few layers of red chiffon underneath, and a red Emerson Band and Orchestra t-shirt ("Is that... Emerson Middle School?" "Oh, I got this in a thrift shop." Damn.) that had the neckline cut open and pinned back - which fit her rather curvy, full figure well. There was also a girl in a green shirt, whose name I didn't get and who wasn't playing, who did golf-style color commentary in a British accent for most of the time. I really like these people, and will hopefully play with them again sometime.

Then, I headed back north. I called 4-HELP to try to fix my intermittent Internet connection (if you've tried to talk to me at all in the past two weeks, you know what I mean), and they said to install the newest drivers. I did, and it worked. I had gotten so wrapped up in the possibility of my new cable fixing the problem (installed last night, to no effect), since my dad had mentioned to me when he gave me the cable that it might be a little faulty, that I didn't even consider other options.
I just read about this yesterday in Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance - when you're so wrapped up in a particular possible solution to a problem that, when the possibility fails, your own prejudices have effectively blocked up your thinking - you can't imagine someone else causing the fault. In this case, you need to step back, clear your mind, and reconsider the entire problem from the beginning. Or ask someone else. In either case, a fresh mind is always a good thing, whether it's your own, refreshed and ready to attack from a different angle, or whether it's the new mind of a person previously unacquainted with the problem, who is as yet untainted by previous perceptions of the problem.
I have to admit as well, with some amount of shame, that when I originally called the help line for this problem, I had the entire diagnosis planned out - even and especially the flaw at UM's DHCP server, for that's the error message I got. I started talking to the technician and I explained my idea - wanting of course to appear knowledgeable about the subject - and he said "Yeah, it's probably the virus." and was preempted from helping me by that idea. Damn my ego.

Anyway, after I had that fixed, I went to a couple short talks given by the Mobility group at EECS, preparing for a conference. Real interesting stuff - about power management on wireless mobile devices, for energy savings. What it comes down to is that while "power saving mode" on certain devices with a certain power management protocol is very good at saving power when requests are few and far between, it's really bad at certain patterns of intermittent transfers and constant transfers. In fact, power-saving causes such a hit to the time it takes to run those transfers that, multiplying power over time, you actually get worse energy use, not to mention slower service. But with a "smart" mix of power-saving and non-, you can optimize a device's power/time consumption. I'll write up a summary for my project class, too... yay, productive use of time.

On my way back from the EECS building, I came across a beach volleyball game that looked to be in need of an extra player. I joined, along with a couple girls, making teams of 5. Not long thereafter, we had 16 people and had expanded to two courts. It was a lot of fun, but I scraped my knee on some sand.

On my way back up to Bursley, I saw a deer, just standing on the corner. I looked across the street, and saw two more does and a fawn, which crossed over to join the first. Then one of them crossed another street, and then I saw the car coming.
I suspect the car saw the deer, as the second one started to cross, but I wasn't sure. So I moved to the edge of the road - about thirty feet behind the deer crossing, from the car's direction - and put my hand up to signal a stop. The other two deer crossed safely as well, and the whole family disappeared into the brush as the car went on its way.
The beauty and the wonder of the world overwhelms me sometimes. I felt a grin spread across my face, and before long I could barely contain my laughter, reveling in the sights I'd seen and the day I'd had. The weather was perfect, the events were awesome, I love living on North Campus and I love life.

...I came home tonight. Went to Borders with my sister, where I saw Kat (Hunt, the one that Marshall's with, as opposed to Kat Kentes, who I saw yesterday at my UMGASS audition, and who held a blade to my neck by way of greeting) and sat down to read a massive tome on the history of Marvel Comics while Alice searched for a field guide to plants so she can collect plants to prepare her rites for the autumnal equinox. She was told by their search engine that the book was out of stock, so she ordered it through the info desk, then proceeded to find it on the shelf. She just left with it, and I with Brin's Kiln People and two manga books (Love Hina 2 and Excel Saga 1)... she figures she can get around to canceling the order when they get around to telling her they have it.

Had a nice long chat with Cynthia about Ashley. I wish I had the confidence in myself that she has in me... she's a very encouraging person to talk to.

So that was my day. There were a few minor frustrations here and there, like the network problems that caused me to lose my first post, but you know? After a day like this, such pithy little things are irrelevant. I'm surprised that I got as angry as I did about some of them, and life goes on, with the joy and the absolute scrumdiddlyumptiosity that no force on heaven or earth can quell. (Apologies, Mr Dahl, but no word exists in the conventional English language that sufficiently explains my feelings towards life right now.)

My balance is restored, and all is right with the world.

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