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Need to get my ass moving on my graduate app. I have... 20 days.

Have a musical audition tomorrow. Need to decide whether I can actually spare the time to do this. If I do, my homework will still come first, and so must my job, and the comic will likely suffer. The major problem is that the show goes up the week before the project is due, so I'd have to push my group ahead...

Dare I?

Also, I need to get this damn comic up. Sigh.

Also, I almost won the euchre tournament last night - it came down to one hand being played at a different table. Bleh.
But the night wasn't a complete loss - I met some great new people, including an incredibly attractive girl who not only plays euchre - and plays it well, despite her protestations to the contrary - but is also a Wings fan. And she lives in Bursley. We'll see how that goes.

....and in case you were wondering, yes, I did manage to get her name this time. I know someone was thinking it.

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