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....are hell.

9-10 AM: Math 513
10-11 AM: Teach EECS 280 discussion section
11-1 PM: EECS 280 office hours @ computer lab
1-1:30: Bus up to North Campus
1:30-2:30: TechCom 496
2:30-4:30: Blessed, merciful break time.
4:30-6: EECS 496/7
6-6:15: Bus to Central Campus
6:15-7: Last half of GEP meeting

It fits together rather well, except for one thing... when do I eat??

The cafeteria closes at 1:30, and there's no time for a cafeteria trip between 1 and 1:30 due to needing to bus. I managed to skip out on 45 minutes of office hours today cause nobody was there, but generally... eegh. Wednesdays will be hungry.
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