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Scatterplot! Finally!

So, "Friday's" Scatterplot is up. I've given up on backdating comics farther than the most recent update day, because that invariably leads to, a few months later, being two weeks behind and trying to catch up, and giving up, and skipping to the present again.

But I have my new pens, and while I'm not as happy with them as with my preferred brand, I think they'll do, once I break them in a bit. though I will have to train myself to switch pens for details, like I try to do but fail to remember all the time.

Maybe I'll post sometime about the Weird Al concert I went to last night. It kicked ass, and I'm wearing the Poodle Hat T-shirt now. Rockage.
Oh, and Alice and I are probably going to go see REM in September! Woo! And, even better, they're doing a "greatest hits" tour, so we get to hear their older, awesome stuff, rather than their recent mediocre stuff. Basically, I think they lost their edge sometime around New Adventures in Hi-Fi, or maybe Up - but I don't think their recent album (or two? have they had one since Reveal?) is up to the quality of, say, Monster. To say nothing of Automatic for the People...

*cough* enough of that. And on that note, while I do cherish some of the songs on Poodle Hat, there are two or three that I skip nearly every time, cause I'm so tired of them, so quickly. I think Poodle Hat wasn't quite as good as Running with Scissors... though RwS was such an awesome album anyway, Poodle Hat is still quite good.

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