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* Drop off employment apps at Wizzywig's and Einstein Bagel [COMPLETE]

I haven't had an interview or anything yet. However, I picked up a bag of strawberry gummies at Wizzywig's. Yum.
I'll call the stores back next week or something.

* Drop off employment forms (job I already have!) at the IM Sports Building [COMPLETE]

So, I'm a softball umpire. The training clinic Tuesday night was fun. I'm a little worried about starting the job, and blowing a bunch of calls and being disorganized or something, but I think the mechanics guidelines we got are pretty clear about which umpires cover which bases when.
We get our schedules tonight, start this weekend.

* Pick up apartment key for out-of-town friend [COMPLETE]

Amusing story about this one.
I showed up at the apartment at around 1 PM. I knocked on the door, and nobody was there... I almost walked away with the keys I found in the mailbox, but then someone came out of the house. I talked with her, she called Mary (the one subletting to my friend), she said that those keys aren't the ones I was supposed to take, and then Mary showed up and gave me the key.

* Go to Salvation Army store, look for jean jacket [COMPLETE]

Found a jean jacket that is under normal conditions far too small for me, but looks right with respect to the costume. I do need to dye it dark blue, however. Stefan, meanwhile, bought an entire velour outfit, complete with black-and-neon-green tie and black Alex-style hat. To wear to Commie Prom. Gah.
I also picked up a purple polo shirt, because I like polo shirts. And Stefan bought a bowling ball, sans fingerholes, at Value World.
Ask him what he's going to do with it.

* Go to Terry Pratchett book signing [COMPLETE]

I got Color of Magic and Good Omens signed. He signed Color of Magic with "All the best"... and Good Omens with "We made the devil do it." Heh. He's a pretty interesting guy, it seems - he was chatting with people as they went through the line.

Stefan and I got there at 4:15 for the 5:30 signing. They gave us line tickets so we could leave and come back when the thing actually started. I love that store. It's run by a little British lady named Nicola, who really knows her stuff.
We were numbers 6 and 7 in line.
When we arrived, we ran into a few groups of friends. That was cool. Including a guy who we hadn't seen since high school, who declined to comment on our comic because he wanted to be "polite", so of course we made him, and he said it was "monotonous". I dunno. Different tastes, I guess.

* Work on comic (this evening...) [PENDING]

...Starting now.

That was my day. Wheee!

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