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Survey, taken from zephulos

Name: Chris
Birthdate: 1983.10.09.00:07
Location: Ann Arbor, MI
Sex: Male
Height: 6'1"
Current Bands/Artists: Great Big Sea, Ben Folds Five, Barenaked Ladies (short version: GBS, BF5, BNL. Yay TLAs.)
Clothing: jeans, t-shirt. Sweater if cold.
Accessories: Top hat.

This or that...
Nice smiles or nice eyes? :: Eyes. Definitely. Eyes are capable of meaning so much more...
Jeans or skirts? :: Skirts. Past the knee, and very flowy.
Boots or sneakers? :: These odd slip-on sneaker thingies.
Natural or make-up? :: Natural. Generally. Makeup should only accent what's already there.
Restaurants or fast food? :: Restaurants.
Italian food or Chinese? :: Chinese. Mmm.
Dark or light eyes? :: Depends on the rest of the face, really...
Streaked or dyed hair? :: Again, depends on how it fits together. Streaks are interesting, though.
Vampires or Gods? :: Gods. Vampires have been forever ruined by dumbshit goths.
Milk shakes or floats? :: Shakes. Especially jamocha.
Drugs or cigarettes? :: God dammit. Neither, preferably. But I have to go with drugs, because I've lost two grandparents to smoking so far, and the people who stand right outside the fucking door of the building that I need to be in or out of piss me off to no end. I want to pluck the cigarettes from between their lips, put them out in their eyes, and banish them to the seventh circle of hell. Fuckers.
Football or cheerleading? :: Depends on which is more vapid.
Cake or pie? :: Chocolate cake, with buttercreme frosting. Yum.

Do you want to die? :: Painlessly. Or gloriously.
Do you brush your teeth? :: Of course. Geez.
Much time do you take to dress up? :: a couple minutes. I'm slow in the morning.
Do you like your life? :: It's wonderful. Life is a lot of trouble sometimes, and a lot of stuff sucks about it. That being said, it's much better than the alternative, and much better than it could conceivably be. I'm quite happy these days, overall.
Well do most people know you? :: Not a lot of people actually know me. That being said, an awful lot of people know who I am. I don't know most of them.
Common or original is this survey? :: As much so as every other survey that asks the same damn things. But it's been a while since I did one.
Often do you smile? :: Quite often. See comment on life above.
Many times a week do you eat junk food? :: Five-six. I need to cut down, but it's usually of the quick'n'easy variety. Time is rare.

Do you..
Sing? :: All the time.
Dance? :: When I'm in the mood.
Laugh a lot? :: If I'm not pissed.
Like spicy food? :: Moderately.
Prefer bagels over yogurt? :: Oh yes. I like my food dead, thankyouverymuch.
Have a boyfriend/girlfriend? :: No. I could cite excuses, but it'd be a waste of my time to write, and yours to read.
Want one? :: Yes. I miss having someone to be with, who really understands blah blah blah etc. and I miss having someone to hold at night.
Do you have a crush:: Depends on your definition. Depending on that, anywhere from zero to four.
Think babies are cute? :: Once in a while. Not within a few months of being born, though.
Children in general? :: Once in a while. Being oldest of four, and having a popular enough house that we often have two-four extra small, loud people around has kind of soured me on them in general. But there are specific cases.
Believe in fortune cookies? :: For amusement.
Believe in life after death? :: It's comforting to think about.
Believe in life after love? :: If I didn't, I'd be dead.
Believe that anything is possible? :: Yes. Probable? No.
Believe that everyone has a purpose in life? :: No. I think there are honestly some useless people around.
Know what yours is? :: No. But I think it's there somewhere.

You a girl? :: Depends on the personality. Usually no.
You a comedian? :: I try to be funny, sure...
Your friends true friends in your opinion? :: A few of them. I know there are some I could really trust if I really needed to. That hasn't been tested, generally.
You bored? :: Too busy to be bored.

Your heritage :: 1/4 Scottish, clan Maxwell. 1/2 German. 1/4 Anglo mutt.
Your usual outfit :: T-shirt and jeans.
Your hair :: Brown. Long, in a ponytail. Wavy. I like my hair.
Your eyes :: Brown.
What you'd like to change about yourself :: I wish I had super powers.
Seriously, though, I need to exercise more, and get to be more friendly. Something like that.
But I could really go for the Force, too.
Your perfect mate (physical features) :: I cannot define this. I have found many different types (physically) of people attractive. Remarkably few physical features in common (well, they're all women. Sure.) Nice eyes is a big one, though.

Are your weaknesses? :: Committing too much of myself to things that I shouldn't. Mainly the relationship. Also, insecurity in myself, socially.
Are your fears? :: People that I care about disliking me.
Does your perfect pizza consist of? :: So far the best pizza I've found is the Southwestern Chicken: grilled chicken, bacon, red onions, and BBQ sauce in the pizza sauce.
Is the difference between fate and destiny? :: Semantics.
Is one thing you would like to achieve? :: Having someone's love. And knowing that it actually matters.

Do you love the most? :: Pssht. There are so many ways to answer this question, and none of them are satisfactory.
Would you like to meet that you know online? :: I've met most of the people that I care to meet already. Maybe aeire - she's quite interesting.
Is the one person who makes you laugh the most? :: Singularly, Stefan. The scripts... whoo. Collectively, #avalon. I literally laugh aloud at that channel several times a day.
Really annoys you? :: A lot of people mildly annoy me. My large-scale annoyances vary with mood. I'm usually remarkably tolerant of people that most others find annoying. Current annoyance is this fucknut that used to hang out in #avalon. I tried to conduct a reasonable discussion with him (this was over /msg, after he stated that he things modern feminism is a crock). Log. Read, laugh at this sad bastard.
Could you not live without? :: People.

Hate too much of a strong word? :: Not in regular usage. It's all about context.
Food from other cultures good? :: Ohhh, yes.
Your mood calm at the moment? :: Generally.

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