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God dammit.


Two things stick out.

* "Iraq's top diplomat said Monday in New York that the U.S.-led war against Iraq could last for years." What the fuck is he smoking?

* "President Bush Monday gave key lawmakers the administration's first estimate of the cost of war with Iraq -- about $75 billion, officials said." I did the math. With a population of 280 million people in the US, that adds up to about $270 for every person in this country. I want my goddamned money back, and I think a lot of people do. $270 per person is enough to feed every person in America for half a year, or enough to feed every poor person in the country for over four years.

I know that, to some degree, this is a necessary action. But to some degree it's not, and the government is spewing out a horribly large amount of money to kill people...

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