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Quiz Bowl!

Tonight, I participated in Quiz Bowl on a team with Tau Beta Pi. There were four rounds. We won all four, and therefore the tournament.

I was playing especially well - I got about half the tossups right, and a good deal of the bonus questions. We had matches that started out tight, but we always put a good-sized lead on in the end.

I am very pleased with the way that went. It felt damn good to be competing like that, and even better to be doing so well. I have a trophy to show for it, too - first trophy I've gotten in ages. Whee!

Oh. And the reader(/coach?) of the Quiz Bowl team at the University, who was also reading questions for this (engineering) Quiz Bowl, turns out to be Kevin Olmstead, winner of $2.1 million dollars on Millionaire and several days of Jeopardy. I didn't know that. Cool.

Dammit, I need to get in on Millionaire.

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