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What is... Febtober?

Well. February is over.

A lot of people despise this month. I'd have to say I had a fairly good one, on a personal level. Katsucon was awesome, Chicago was cool, break's been good. I count myself lucky.

On a more global level, February's been asstacular. Shuttle disaster, the country ramps up for war which seems unavoidable despite our lack of convincing evidence that Iraq has cached weapons, a string of lethal disasters in our country and elsewhere, and the death of one of the most loved of all "television personalities" and certainly the more real among them. On that last note, however, I'm glad Mr. Rogers died relatively quickly, and after the most fulfilling life he could have hoped for.

I guess I've survived whatever February could throw at me. Bring it on, March!

I have high hopes for this month. March will see me growing more secure into my place in life, building foundations for the future (particularly for the summer) and heavily reevaluating my personal thoughts and opinions. March will also hopefully bring happiness to a number of my friends who have been having some fairly serious issues this month. As I said, February sucks for a lot of people.

I think this music applies, to some degree.

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