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This is how Michiganders deal with geography questions.

Paradox 29A (10:46:57 PM): Okay. I want you to do the following:
JerseyOtaku (10:46:58 PM): I couldn't pinpoint where Ottawa was until just before my trip.
JerseyOtaku (10:47:07 PM): Buy an atlas?
Paradox 29A (10:47:09 PM): Look at your right hand, palm up.
JerseyOtaku (10:47:14 PM): Right.
Paradox 29A (10:47:21 PM): Four fingers together, thumb slightly apart.
JerseyOtaku (10:47:35 PM): Yes?
Paradox 29A (10:48:11 PM): See where the upper (call this "northern") side of your thumb meets the eastern side of your palm?
Paradox 29A (10:48:22 PM): Go due "south" from there until you hit the edge of your hand.
Paradox 29A (10:48:24 PM): That's Detroit.
Paradox 29A (10:48:50 PM): now go "west" by about three quarters of an inch.
Paradox 29A (10:48:55 PM): That's Ann Arbor.
JerseyOtaku (10:49:04 PM): Ooooh! Michigan!
JerseyOtaku (10:49:09 PM): ...i'm so, so sorry.
Paradox 29A (10:49:14 PM): Yes.
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