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Nearing first completion on my cache project. Ahead of schedule.

And by ahead, I mean "behind".

The theatre run went well.

Figured stuff from Friday out, to a satisfactory degree. For now.

Not sure if all my makeup's off. It might be a while.

Met some neat people at theatre. Life is good. Except that I've still got too much to do.

Expect Scatterplot update tomorrow.

Two more days of school, then I finally get to go see Harry Potter with Rachel. I've managed to avoid most mention of the movie, so I've no expectations apart from those of general quality (and of course, the plot of the book).

It's nice having a DNS back, but in consideration of the work I have to do, I might have been better off without it.

Quotes list updated. Newest ones at the bottom, the ones at the top may not be very good.

Back to coding.

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