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State transitions. (from Sertrel)

Alabama - Driven through on my way from Mississippi to Florida. Gets a hearty meh.

Alaska - Maybe someday. But not soon.

Arizona - Grand Canyon was beautiful. Took 240 miles of driving to get across the 10-mile gap.

Arkansas - Been, briefly. Didn't stay long. Drove through.

California - Born there, lived for six months, moved to Michigan, haven't been back. Don't remember a thing - I intend to go back someday.

Colorado - Rocky Mountain National Park, and Estes Park (a nearby, small town) is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. As far as I've seen.

Connecticut - Driven through, on the way from NYC to Boston. Again, didn't see much.

Delaware - Never been, no real need to. Just a little sliver.

Florida - Went to Disney and such when I was little. Went to Panama City for a few winter breaks because my grandmother lived there in the winter, when she couldn't tolerate the cold. That part smelled like rotting, cold hot dogs, due to the nearby paper factory.

Georgia - Have relatives in Conyers, near Atlanta. City was okay, but the homeless were a little frightening. Good food.

Hawaii - Maybe I'll go sometime. Goes along with the Alaska thing.

Idaho - I may have brushed Idaho while in Yellowstone. Not sure. See no reason to go back.

Illinois - Been to Chicago, visited UIUC, drove through the state (to Cairo, even) on my way south. Chicago's cool, Chambana's okay, like a smaller Ann Arbor.

Indiana - Been through, been to South Bend (augh), been camping here. Okay.

Iowa - Corn. That's all I saw.

Kansas - I think I managed to miss Kansas completely on my trip out west, while hitting EVERY state that borders it. I suspect if I had visited, the entry would read: "See Iowa."

Kentucky - Driven through. Nice mountains.

Louisiana - New Orleans is great fun. Good music, good food.

Maine - My uncle has friends on/near the island containing Acadia Nat'l Park. Nice enough place. Went clam digging, ate none.

Maryland - Otakon, twice. Once on DC trip. That's about it.

Massachusetts - Visited a middle school friend in Boston once or twice, visited MIT on summer break. Boston's cool, the rest of the state is nondescript. Have a lot of friends there.

Michigan - Live here. Ann Arbor kicks the ass. The rest of the state is meh.

Minnesota - Stopover in Minneapolis/St. Paul. That's all. Dunno if I care for more. Moose.

Mississippi - Visited family friends here once. Ate crawfish, or something. South. Very south.

Missouri - Driven though, seen the Arch in St. Louis. I think the aforementioned middle school friend is around here now.

Montana - Don't think I touched it while in Yellowstone. Hmm. No reason to go back.

Nebraska - See Iowa. (I got to use it!)

Nevada - Never been. Maybe Vegas, someday. Meh.

New Hampshire - On the way back from Maine. Not much to see.

New Jersey - I've been here, but it was NYC. Basically.

New Mexico - Santa Fe is a beautiful little city. The Chuck Jones Gallery is a requirement for anyone who's ever liked cartoons.

New York - NYC, with school, and with family. Troy, NY for Otakon. C'est tout. Whee.

North Carolina - Academic Games tournament, 9th grade. That's about it.

North Dakota - Nope.

Ohio - Meh. Uncle used to live in Toledo. Cleveland might be okay. Driven through a bunch.

Oklahoma - Driven through. Nothing there. At all.

Oregon - Visited said middle school friend in Portland once. Went to small town cottage. Nice place. Did some watercolor paintings.

Pennsylvania - Driven through a bunch. Nice mountains.

Rhode Island - See Connecticut.

South Carolina - Briefly, during trip to NC. Didn't see much.

South Dakota - Don't think I've been. Don't think I care.

Tennessee - Driven through, mostly. Memphis could be nice.

Texas - Pssht. Driven through, smells bad.

Utah - I have Mormon relatives. Visited them. Temple is beautiful.

Vermont - Driven though. See New Hampshire.

Virginia - Been to, on DC trip, 6th grade. Pentagon is cool.

Washington - Seattle is like Ann Arbor writ large. Great place. Olympia Nat'l Park is the win. Dad was born here. Good for him.

West Virginia - Academic Games, 10th grade. Meh.

Wisconsin - Nope.

Wyoming - Yellowstone is the only reason that state exists.

District of Columbia - Whee, school trip. That was a fun one.

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