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Darth Paradox

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new comic work. [Jun. 1st, 2002|05:50 pm]
Darth Paradox
Well, it seems official - I will be writing and drawing a series of comics depicting the development of Ryan and Deirdre's relationship in Avalon, which was mostly done behind-the-scenes in the original plotline. Josh Phillips (author) will be supervising the production, basically making sure I don't screw over his vision of the way things went.

I will be imitating neither Josh's drawing style nor his format - the drawing style will be similar to Scatterplot, with the addition of greyscale colorings (I guess the one part of Josh's style I am using...) and the format is yet to be determined, but may take a Megatokyo-like pagewise approach.

Here is Deirdre trying to lure Ryan away from his computer, with perhaps some degree of success... a quasi-example of the work I'll be doing.

I'm psyched.