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Well, once again I can't sleep.

11 hours of sleep over the past two days, and I can't sleep right now. What in the nine worlds is wrong with me??

I bet it's stress. Stuff that needs doing, soon:

*Presentation draft due Wednesday
*Lab report due Wednesday
(*Research paper revisions would be nice for Thursday, as I'm meeting the department's funders)
*Three assignments due Friday
*Programming project due Wednesday of next week

Additionally, I have rehearsal tomorrow, and I'm volunteering at Tech Day on Saturday, all day. And of course I have rehearsal Sunday as well, and hopefully role-playing on Friday night, because I need some relaxation.

Good: I have enough Scatterplot content to last at least through Friday. So now, spare art time gets to be put towards Darthalon.

Bad: I'm really not going to have anything special up on the site for Scatterplot's 1-year anniversary. Unless I cook something up special for then.

Also, for any of you artist-types reading this - we're always willing to take fanart/guest comics. We love them, and putting guest comics up means I get several more hours to apply towards not failing my classes.

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