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I'm thinking about taking a break from Scatterplot. Maybe a week or so, just to get everything together, academically...
I'm falling behind on my schoolwork.
I haven't had time to work on Darthalon for damn near a month.
I consistently lose sleep to the comic.

I was looking at today's comic - I love the script, I'd love to see it done, I think if done right it'll look really good - and I just stared at this half-finished drawing and thought, "I really don't want to do this right now."

Maybe that will change by tomorrow. Maybe not. I'm gonna give drawing another shot when I'm done with this homework, and if it still persists I'm gonna give serious thought to a brief break to catch up.

This is so much harder for me than for some artists who work by themselves. I don't just answer to myself, I have a writer. It's his project too.
And of course I have to think about my audience, and hope that this isn't gonna piss them off, and understand that I'm quite likely to lose a few people from this...

Oh, well. It needs to be thought about.

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