August 28th, 2009


Woo trivia!

I've been playing a bit of 1 vs. 100 Live on the XBox 360 lately. Tonight I joined the last part of Felicia Day's guest-hosting gig, and for one game was in spitting distance of the top ten (by less than 20 points) for most of the first half. I fell a bit behind after having to give a couple questions some thought (robbing me of my instant-answer bonuses), but I managed to keep the streak alive (with a couple lucky WAGs) to the last question: What was the last name of the family that owned Heathcliff the cat? The three choices were Cardamom, Nutmeg, and Peppercorn... I thought "Nutmeg" sounded familiar, but I was mainly guessing. I went for it anyway, and got it right! And nearly nobody else did - 5 of the 7 remaining mob members got it wrong, and so did the One (who chose Trust the Mob as a help). Apparently most of the Crowd got it wrong too, because I ended up in second place at the end of the game!

I won a free XBLA download and (I think) 800 points to spend; as awesome as that was, that wasn't the funniest part. I play as "ParadoxSith" on Live; "DarthParadox" was taken somehow. On my XBox, I'd made a me-looking avatar on my primary-but-local account, so I'd decided to experiment a little and made a female avatar with pale-white skin and hair and a black minidress. This was probably a year ago; I was just noodling around with the avatar maker and never got around to making a more me-ish one.

So a bunch of lonely nerds see a hot female avatar take second place, and suddenly my inbox is filled with a pile of friend requests and messages like "MARRY ME" and "id hit it". It takes me a minute to realize that I'm not just getting this attention because I did well, but Sora twigs immediately, and we spend the next five minutes laughing our asses off while the messages trickle in.

So, yes. Hilarity ensued, but I also just owned most of XBox Live at trivia, so that's pretty awesome.

And my question to you: what should I download from XBLA when my download code shows up?