December 12th, 2008


Holy crap, ants

BoingBoing has a video from a documentary on ants. In the second half of the video, they fill an ant colony with cement and then excavate it (fossil-style) to see what the colony actually looks like.

The sheer scope of the colony - 40 tons of soil displaced, to create a network of tunnels the size of a small house - is absolutely stunning. It's laid out in a coherent way - main arterials for ant traffic, side roads, regularly spaced chambers, and a frickin' ventilation system to get rid of carbon dioxide from their fungus gardens - and yet there was no single architect behind it, but rather the collective consensus of the colony.

Nature never ceases to astound me.
Oh shit - Penny Arcade

I'm posting a lot tonight. Can you tell I'm home alone?

Also, is anyone else having trouble connecting to Google's servers? I know, it's a fucking bizarre question, but I can't seem to get there.

I hope they're not completely down. I'm pretty sure a Google outage is one of the Seven Seals (along with the Cubs winning another World Series, and Fox News reporting positively on a Democrat).