October 5th, 2006

Total Information Awareness

Register to vote!

For all you Washington (state) people, the deadline for voter registration is October 8 - this Sunday. Information on registering in Washington is here.

Other state deadlines can be found here. Deadlines are as early as October 7 and as late as October 28 - check your state to be sure!

I urge you all to vote and make your voices heard, whether I agree with your specific politics or not.
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  • The Detroit Tigers won game 2 of their 5-game series against the Yankees. They officially have a chance to take the series: they've got home field advantage now.
  • According to an AP article, Bush has used signing statements to claim his right to completely disregard (no mere "interpretation") provisions of the bills he signs, in direct contravention to the Constitutional system by which the executive branch carries out the laws as written by the legislative branch. Apparently the president needs a refresher course in high school civics.
  • The Detroit Red Wings season started about half an hour ago. GO WINGS
  • Yesterday I drove most of the way to Bellingham to pick up some tickets for a Wings game in March, only to be called by the guy I'm buying them from and told he's not actually in town. He remembered to email me about this approximately half an hour before we were supposed to meet... i.e. an hour after I'd needed to leave to get there on time. Sigh. On the other hand, at least he's willing to mail them to me now.
  • Enjoying the hell out of our new DSes. According to Big Brain Academy, apparently I'm good at math.
  • Bit the bullet and bought hosting for the webcomic project yesterday. DreamHost is so awesome. Because of a sale they were having... I paid $91 for the next two years for 200 GB disk and 2 T transfer/month, with both of those limits on a scheduled increase. (By the time I start my comic in February, I'll have 216 GB disk and 2.26 T transfer/month...) (Oh, and Rob, the temporary increase in disk and transfer limits I mentioned? Turns out it wasn't temporary. :D)
  • Also? DreamHost has one-click automatic installers for phpBB and MediaWiki and WordPress and, and... yeah. This is going to be awesome. If you're in the market for hosting, check them out, and consider mentioning my referral...