March 5th, 2006


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Today Sora's car got broken into. Rear window smashed.

The only thing taken? My black duffel bag full of games. *twitchstab*

And I know the games were worthless to them, or else they would have taken my copy of Apples to Apples, sitting on the seat next to the bag. So chances are, the whole thing's been thrown out.


Anyway, Sora's insurance should cover it. I totalled the retail cost of the entire package, and it runs to about $700. Apparently we're likely to just get a check, which I can use to replace my game collection. So it's really not too much more than an irritant.

That said, I'm rather annoyed.

Game nights are on hold until further notice. Though soon enough I should be able to just start replenishing my supply. Genesis Games and Gizmos is about to earn a lot of money, I think.

Sora and I have been remarkably calm and collected about it, but I'm no less pissed. Rargh.
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