February 14th, 2006

Angel Feather (c) SJGames (INWO)


She got me chocolates (specifically picking out a box without nuts!) and a little Japanese puzzle box with some stones in it, and a card.

The card had a URL in it, which went to a webpage with another, virtual card, which had "inside" it some ciphertext. After working out the plaintext, the resulting (rhyming!) message... well, I'll let you work it out for yourself:

Bidyd qby byx,
Jvicyfd qby tcgy,
Fbqrdcqfy fovd hyddqly
Zib sqbf iry iz fki:
Egdf ciiu tyfkvmf
Foy cyffybd Z qrx A.

Eee. Sora wrote me a puzzle for Valentine's Day. And it's a good one, too. I love her so much.

Anyway! I made her a couple pairs of earrings. One pair is blue d8s, and the other pair is black percentile dice. I also got her some red fuzzy d20s for her car.

Be it for you Valentine's Day, or Viking Day, or V-Day, or just a plain old Tuesday, I hope it was a good one.
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