January 27th, 2006

my spoon is too big - costume

Several things.

First, Scatterplot's continuing to update, with part 2 of the epilogue today. I doubt the epilogue will go past five parts. If there's a loose end you'd like to see tied up, though, let me know - I don't want to forget anything.

Secondly, an amusing story from work, couched in incredibly vague terms:

So we have a program. Call it "A". We had a version of A, say A.1, and we had planned a couple different releases of the services on which A depends. Each of these releases required changes in A, and in a particular order. So, we had to create A.2, and A.3. We couldn't just skip to A.3, because A.3 would get confused if the other services weren't ready for it.

So we've got A.2 and A.3 in our code base, and it's time to go ahead and release A.2. We do so, and things seem to work fine for a day or so, but errors start showing up. (Incidentally, A is a program that we distribute to all of our services' clients within the company.)

Digging into the errors, they start to look vaguely familiar, as I instrument the hell out of my code (i.e. litter it with print statements) and track the bug down to a single line.

I look at the line, and say, "I know I fixed that bug."

...It turns out that I had, indeed fixed the bug. For version A.3. What I had neglected to do was go back and fix the bug in the earlier, also-to-be-released version... *headdesk*

Thirdly, I'm contemplating taking up a fanart100-style challenge to hone my art skills and practice different styles while I'm on hiatus from doing webcomics. I'm not going to join the community, though, because I'm not particularly fond of their specific rules. In particular, I don't really feel like drawing one single character a hundred times - I want some variety. So, the challenge I'm assigning to myself is to draw 100 characters (or groupings of characters - I'll permit myself to do character X alone as well as with another character), from as wide a variety of fandoms as I can manage. This includes books, movies, tv shows, anime, video games, webcomics, regular comics, and whatever else fits. As an extra twist, though - or perhaps as an extra bit of adherence to the original idea - I'm going to be using fanart100's set of prompts.

Anyway, I'll be soliciting suggestions later on, in a separate post so I can keep track of everything. But for now, I need to get back to work - I'm leaving a bit early tonight for the gaming party...