July 21st, 2005

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James Doohan died this morning.

This evening, a few of my friends and I raised a few glasses of Scotch to old Scotty's memory. I suspect he'll have Heaven running in tip-top shape in no time at all.

We'll miss you, Jimmy.

(As for me... it's late, I'm tired, I'm still quite a bit tipsy, and it's past time for bed, Night, everyone.)
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Yesterday I actually met with my manager for the first time. (This was a one-on-one meeting, instead of the usual team meetings.) We discussed work for a little while (elaborating on vacation policy, etc - the vacation policy actually doesn't exist, though advance notice is preferred... it's a matter of "make sure you take care of your stuff.") and then just chatted for an hour.

She's a gamer - her drug of choice is Everquest for the Mac. She's also ascended several classes (including the Tourist) in Nethack. This greatly raised my estimation of her. She's a sci-fi geek as well, and her presence online actually predates Usenet, I believe. (I may be remembering wrong.)

Anyway, I've been blocked at work for a few days cause some test servers went down and the techs have been having trouble getting them back online. So I've been reading through the codebase in preparation for my next project.

That's about it.
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