July 10th, 2005


Update from Seattle, in summary format

  • Finished first week of work. Completed first task (optimization of some existing code) - was told that I was working too fast. :D Pending code review.
  • Dodgeball on Friday was rained out. Curses.
  • Next Saturday, Amazon is presenting a concert in celebration of its 10th anniversary. Headliners will be Bob Dylan and Norah Jones. Concert will be streamed on the website... however, as a Seattle Amazon employee, I'm going to be there. I'm going to see Dylan. WOO. (Norah Jones should be okay too, but.... dude. Dylan.
  • Had our first Geek Night with Shoshana, Derek, Damian, Sam (I think?), Kirsten (I think, again), and Cat. Cool people. We watched the first Firefly DVD (damn, that's a fun show) and had some scotch - Aberlour 10-year single-malt. Mmm.
  • Other people's wireless was unavailable for most of the day. I get what I pay for, I suppose. And more, since I'm online now...
  • Monday's Scatterplot is done. Tomorrow should see me working ahead on Wednesday's.
  • Hopefully having appointments to look at apartments next weekend. I've got a couple picked out for visiting.
  • Finished watching ROD TV tonight. Excellent series, a bit weird at the end. But excellent. Particularly as a fan of the original OVAs...

I guess that's it. Now, the unconsciousness.