August 20th, 2004


Penultimate Seattle posting

So today my computer got shipped out, back to Michigan where it will hopefully arrive not too long after I do. I was forced to guess at the boxes' dimensions while putting in a shipment request from work - dimensions upon which the pricing depends, and which I later found out were incorrect. I'm hoping I can get them to rebill it in my favor - after all, if the error were in the other direction, I'm sure they'd be happy to rebill it in their favor.

Today I gave a final demo of my internship project. It went pretty well... though it wasn't a lot different than the informal demonstration I gave my coworkers two weeks ago - most of what I've done since then isn't really "visible" in the demo, it's more subtle backend work on a different "branch" of the project. But it went well. And I packed up my stuff (including a load of free swag the HR people gave me as I left), gave my laptop and my badge to my manager, and left. It was kind of weird, to be honest.

Tomorrow is the company picnic. I'm on a broomball team - we'll see how that goes. It's not the traditional ice-and-shoes type broomball... it's like "field broomball" or something. We taped up actual brooms, though...

Sunday is my flight back. Can't wait to see Shelly again.

Hopefully I'll have a comic drawn by the end of the plane flight - although it probably won't be ready until Wednesday.

Scatterplot's art contest is still going... if you manage to get something done by the end of the weekend, please please please send it in, as I don't have anything prepared for Monday.

So that's it. I survived the internship, and should hear about an offer by mid-September. And my manager told me to send him a line if I haven't gotten an offer by then, and he'd go bug HR about it. Heh heh. That made me feel pretty good.

That's enough for now, I suppose.
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