July 21st, 2004


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For a period of around 18 hours, Scatterplot had a buffer. That was nice.

Stefan responded by giving me a script with nine panels. So much for that. But it's a fun one, and I'll at the very least not be late with it.

Had our first broomball team meeting today. So far we've broken a light, a broomstick, and the skin on my right pinky. So it goes.

Burned the holy living fuck out of my left thumb yesterday, trying to remove a pan from the oven. Went to the ER after three hours didn't ease the pain. Currently bandaged.

Demoed the first stage of my internship project, yesterday, to most of my team assembled in (and around) my cube. They think it's awesome; I'm not nearly done yet.

Tomorrow's ultimate frisbee. Thursday is broomball practice followed by dodgeball practice, and Friday is the next dodgeball game. Fun times.
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