June 20th, 2004


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Item the first: showing off the new icon. Thanks to Carn for this and all the other icons she made for item the second.

Item the second: I finally updated Scatterplot's site design. This includes a new cast page, featuring the icons that Carn assembled for me. She set up a page with... probably close to a thousand icons for me to pick from. One day, she asked if she could help with the site, cause I was fairly busy... I asked her to pick out some comics to make cast icons from. I was just figuring she'd give me a few comic URLs with some good expressions or something. Instead, she created the godly page of Scatterplot icons. It's incredible. I'm only not linking it because I don't want to kill Ian's server, on which it's posted. She went far beyond my expectations, and she's awesome for that. Oh, and I put new art up on Scatterplot. Second in a series... I'm pretty happy with it.

Item the third: Collapse )

Item the fourth: 12 days remain until Shelly is here with me. It seems within reach, now... it's nice.
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