June 9th, 2004


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So we're in the process of determining a use case for the product I'll be working on. Our team is of two minds - a couple people think that it should be designed for people who actually need to fix the stuff we're reporting on. Others think it should be designed for VPs and higher-level managers and such, to get an overview of the system. This was the topic of much heated debate yesterday, and will cause more tomorrow. Today, though... I wrote a use case (in an informal form), read up on RSS a bit, and made some decisions

Been watching the NBA finals with a few interns from Michigan (and a couple from other places). It's a lot of fun.

Finally have my computer, at my room. No internet access yet, though. Oh well. Thinking about grabbing a dialup disk for the five days until I expect my cable modem to arrive...

23 days!
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