December 13th, 2002


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Got my first final tomorrow. EECS 370. Should be good.

Yesterday a "hacker" attacked my computer. Dropped a remote control client on it while my firewall was down, and proceeded to do the following:
- remove my background image.
- close some of my windows.
- use my name on IRC to tell people I was "a fag" and "a major homosexual".
- rearrange my QuickLaunch icons.
He also unintentionally did the following:
- left a fairly large amount of identification information in the event logs, to the point of me being able to determine the exact machine from which the "attack" originated.

Reeeeal fucking smart. I would be surprised if this guy were even a day over 15. Probably less. Anyway. Contacting his hosting service tomorrow, requesting information on the user in question, and contacting ResComp and/or Student Legal Services to inquire about the feasibility and possible benefits of legal proceedings against him. Idiot.
Additionally, I have friends willing to take things into their own hands.

Other good stuff follows:

Saw Harry Potter last night with Rachel. Finally. Damned good.

Got a new coat today; my old one was falling apart.

Visited my high school today, saw some of my teachers, spent a while chatting. It was great.

My collectors-edition Star Destroyer arrived at home today. Biggest Lego model EVER. Package says it's intended for ages 16 and up. Whoo.

Final tomorrow. Er, today. In 9.5 hours. Goodnight.
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Dream jobs

* Lego Master Builder
* Quiz-show question-writer
* Any job for which the responsibilities consist entirely of innovation and thinking, with little "real work".

That's all, for now.
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A note:

All I need is an effective costume and a metric fuckton of bleach in my hair, and I could cosplay Lucius Malfoy rather effectively.

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