July 12th, 2002


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This goodbye was not like the others.

His eyes, the source of a dried, salty trail running down his cheeks from an hour of slow tears, met hers, neutral and dry.

They stood at the door, her hand resting in his. He turned to walk away, but paused and turned back.

"One more thing."


"A kiss... I shan't be seeing you for a while."

She obliged, gently pressing her lips to his, and smiled as he walked away, knowing it was for the better.

A few minutes later, he let himself smile too.
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Well, in an amazing feat of timeliness, I managed to blow through Friday's Scatterplot, doing it in about an hour and a half and getting it up within a few hours of when I should.

Afterwards, I read half of the first Harry Potter book in about an hour.
Good stuff.

Leaving for Toronto tomorrow. Should pack tonight.
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Damn this book. Had to finish it before I could do anything else.
One down, three to go.

Now, to work.
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