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Books #54-56: the Old Man's War trilogy by John Scalzi [Jul. 24th, 2009|08:47 am]
Darth Paradox
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#54-56: Old Man's War, The Ghost Brigades, and The Last Colony by John Scalzi

Humanity is expanding beyond Earth and colonizing the stars. Only they're not alone, and a lot of other species have similar habitat requirements, so fighting over planets is always necessary. The Colonial Defense Force recruits old people from Earth - people who'd expect to be dying soon anyway - and promises them a new chance at youth (by mechanisms not revealed to them) in exchange for military service defending the colonies. So John Perry walks into a recruiting office on his 75th birthday and begins a new life as a soldier in space...

This series is everything I could have hoped it would be. The military-fiction aspects of it are engaging without bogging down in technical details, and anything not important to the plot or character development is left out. The science is plausible, with a minimal amount of handwavium required. The aliens are truly alien rather than feeling like humans in makeup and prosthetics. And the dialogue never fails to be snappy and fun to read - the characters are witty and the overall sense of humor is sharp.

I'm going to have to read everything else Scalzi's written, I think. (At least novel-wise - I've been keeping up with his blog, but ten years of archives are a bit much particularly when so much of what he writes there pertains to current-at-the-time events.)

Next up is the rest of the Dresden series (up to current, anyway). Sora is finishing them off right now, and I need to catch up so we can talk about them.

[User Picture]From: servalan
2009-07-25 05:33 am (UTC)
I love this Scalzi series. Well, I love the second two books. The first one is a not-as-good knock-off of The Forever War, but the later novels really come into their own.

Also, his Agent to the Stars is both amusing and thought-provoking.
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[User Picture]From: shardavarius
2009-08-01 01:41 am (UTC)
"Zoe's Tale" is "The Last Colony" from Zoe's POV. Several copies are going in my classroom.
"Agent to the Stars" was the most fun to read of anything he's written.
If "Old Man's War" is his love letter to Heinlein and "Starship Troopers," (and he's basically said it is), "The Electric Sheep" is his love letter to Philip K. Dick. Fun and bizarre.
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