Darth Paradox (darthparadox) wrote,
Darth Paradox

Friday notes

  • We had our first draw (i.e. game) in the April Spiel (i.e. curling competition) last night. It was an extremely close and well-fought game, and we lost by inches on the last rock. The final scoreboard (I'm on Eric Phillips' team):
    Phillips (HMR)13567
    (Curling scoreboards are unusual; the horizontal dimension is the score and the number in each box is the end in which the team reached that score. So, we started with the "hammer" - last rock advantage in the first end - and scored 2 points in the first end and 1 point each in the third, fifth, sixth, and seventh ends. (Scoring in consecutive ends is relatively unusual and is referred to as a "steal", since the hammer for each end goes to the team that didn't score in the last end.) They scored three points in each of the second and fourth ends, and one point in the eighth).

    Next game is Saturday at 2 AM. Be there or be asleep, most likely. (The game after that will either be at 6 AM or 8 AM... that's gonna be a rough morning.)
  • Bees' brains retool themselves to handle the switch from nursing to foraging at roughly middle age. Nature is awesome.
  • Java has spoiled me for our C++ codebase. I hate working on our legacy service.
  • I'm not likely getting Pyrlogos done for Monday. Though I might make some progress over the weekend when I'm not curling or sleeping; we'll see.
  • Started a game of Robo Rally at work. We'll probably do a couple turns a day. Certainly less of a productivity-killer than Diplomacy.

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