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*sigh* Kids.

For those of you who don't know, I live with my three siblings during the summer. My sister, age 17, isn't a problem. My other sister, 9, and my brother, 8, on the other hand, are constantly bickering. The most recent (read: last three months) cause for argument is Legos. Madeleine and Luke love playing with Legos. However, Luke built a "Legotown" and declared himself president, and started building houses for all his friends in the town, which is set up on a card table. Madeleine, of course, started her own town, not being capable of "subordination" to her younger brother. She consequently began inviting her friends to build houses there.
This brings us to today. A new friend of theirs doesn't have a house in either town yet, and both of my siblings are competing for her attention.

The result: insults ranging from "your town doesn't have a food store" to "s/he is a stupid, rude little child, come live in my town".

My room is 15 feet away from "Legotown". I'm sick of listening to this. I tried to tell them to cut it out, but they're ignoring me.

...19 days until I move out.

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