Darth Paradox (darthparadox) wrote,
Darth Paradox

Mom's doing better. She's nowhere near out of the woods yet - she still has cancer in multiple places - but she's responding to the antibiotics she's been given for pneumonia, which means it was likely bacterial instead of cancerous. So that's fantastic news.

We'll be coming back into Seattle on Thursday evening, so we're planning on doing the unpacking this weekend. So, help would be appreciated - obviously, some of you who had planned on helping last weekend won't be available this time, and that's fine. But if you weren't available last weekend and you can help out this weekend, that would of course be appreciated as well. Just let us know.

Finally, we're trying to work out what's going on with GenCon. Sora's not going - she doesn't have the time-off to spare at this point. I may or may not go - I have to weigh not leaving Sora behind and getting stuff done at work against not wasting the money we've put down for this already and actually going to see friends that we missed at SDCC in addition to spending time with local friends. Obviously, we'll be paying for the hotel space reserved on our behalf in any case.
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