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"Sick" was an understatement, it seems. I talked to my sister this evening, and she doesn't expect our mom to make it to next weekend, much less Labor Day.

Some details. Several years ago, Mom was diagnosed with a very early stage of esophageal cancer. They caught it early enough that they seemed able to cure it completely, and until a couple months ago everything was fine.

Then she started having breathing problems, which was diagnosed as a pleural effusion (fluid surrounding the lungs), which was ultimately determined to be caused by cancer in her lungs. She remained positive as she headed into her first chemo session last Tuesday.

Only it didn't happen, because she was diagnosed with pneumonia. Then further inspection revealed stomach cancer, and the pneumonia is likely caused by cancer (as opposed to just being a bacterial complication).

Tonight, they put her on a breathing tube. She can no longer swallow. The tube can only stay for five days at the most; when the tube has to come out, if they haven't fixed the pneumonia by then (which they'll only be able to do if it's bacterial), that will likely be the end.

So. Sora and I are flying out to Michigan tomorrow afternoon. We know Mom's got at least a couple days, so it doesn't quite have the same racing-time aspect of my last emergency flight out to Michigan for the death of a family member. But the outcome seems just as certain, barring frankly miraculous circumstances.

I don't know when we'll be back - probably a week and a half or so. Hard to tell. Needless to say, moving into the house this weekend has been cancelled. We'll figure out the plan later.

We don't know whether we'll be going to GenCon; we'll figure that out later too.

Anyway. Internet access will be intermittent at best; cell phone is the best way to reach me. A text message with a request to return a call would probably work best. If you need to reach me or Sora, you should either already have one or both of our numbers, or know who to ask. (Permission is granted to disseminate that information as you see fit. We trust you.)

Our flight leaves tomorrow at 12:35. Sora's mom is taking care of the cats while we're gone. Work's been squared away inasmuch as it can be for both of us; all that's left is the waiting for now.

This has been a fuck of a year.
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